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Pearl Future

Pearl Future – Play Date

Client: WILDPOP Records
Release Date: 2012-05-01

One might wonder how someone who cites Dr. Dre, Bjork and Chopin as their musical influences sounds. Taking a listen to hot recording artist Pearl Future might be a good place to start figuring it out. .. read more

One might wonder how someone who cites Dr. Dre, Bjork and Chopin as their musical influences sounds. Taking a listen to hot recording artist Pearl Future might be a good place to start figuring it out.

In 2009, Pearl Future bubbled onto the pop music scene as an independent artist and shook things up with her original, exciting sound. With an initial single that became a spin staple at college radio (“It’s Bad”) followed by a Billboard Hot 100 single “Lookin’ At Me” featuring Nicki Minaj, and a West coast tour with Baby Bash, she has continually entertained everyone with her fun projects and growing presence in the music industry. Now co-writing and producing with some of the hottest names in the industry, as well as some of the best underground musicians, 2012 sees Pearl Future starting to deliver some of the new sounds she has created in the studio.

A true musician, with skills ranging from songwriting and singing to engineering and producing, Pearl Future is interested in creating a unique sonic statement. Committed to exploring musical boundaries with a burning desire to bring to life the music she hears in her head, she uses technology and emotion to experiment with pop music. Lyrics wrapped in sugar sweet melodies, beats and bass lines that stick in your head on an infinite loop and the depth and sass to back it all up are what separates her from the pack. Definitely doing her own thing, Pearl Future continues to gain support from DJ’s, radio programmers and fans as she pushes the limits of what is possible in this new music industry.

Born in Las Vegas, Nevada, Pearl Future (born Pearl Whalen) grew up in Northern California and cut her teeth in the music industry at an early age. While other kids were in school suffering teenage angst, trying to get a date with the football captain and studying for their calculus test she played hooky, opting to spend her days hanging out with musicians in the studio and honing her craft. “They knew I should have been in school but I guess [they] figured it was better that I was trying to learn to record music than be out getting into trouble somewhere!”

By the age of 14 she was writing and recording her own songs and by 16 she could engineer her own sessions. “I became a sound engineer after I started working in recording studios. There wasn’t any other way for me to be in the studio all day. I wanted to live and breathe music.” As an award-winning songwriter Pearl does just that. “I will listen to a sound or rhythm and feel out what it is trying to say to me. Melodies come from strange places that I haven’t figured out yet and lyrics come from the feel I get. Sometimes there are complex situations and stories behind just one simple line of lyric. There are definitely characters in all of the songs. Eventually the song comes alive and has a personality, a mind of its own. I’ve realized it is how I express myself to other humans.”

A virtual anomaly, Pearl Future is a grounded dreamer who loves the color ultraviolet, is obsessed with glamour, champagne and fashion, “I love fashion trends and high street clothing. I love to wear couture. I am addicted to shoes. I wish people didn’t freak out so much about what I wear sometimes. I wish I lived in a nice little bubble where I could be insulated from any backlash”, but at the same time is a strict vegetarian that usually prefers time in the studio to time in the VIP.

It is this complexity and frivolity that has kept her afloat in murky industry waters and through life’s torrents. Losing her father and mother by the age of 17, Pearl left school early, moved into a communal artist warehouse and started working in recording studios in the San Francisco Bay Area in order to support herself financially . When asked how she managed to stay on her path, she expresses clearly, “I believe in following your heart and passion. Everything that happens is for a reason. Never give up, always keep going. You can sense in any moment what is best for your future. Do that. Life never stops.”

This belief along with her resilience and tenacity, have served her well in mentoring underprivileged youth, building schools and supporting environmental charities and will undoubtedly play a key role in her success as a recording artist. She makes it clear that there is no plan B. “Being an artist is a real commitment that has nothing to do with commercial success in your chosen artistic field. I let that sink in. There is no turning back.” With a breakthrough project set to release in 2012 and an undeniable buzz among the who’s who of the industry, chances are there won’t be much need for one.
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